Hey Guys! This poem is not by me, but a poet friend.  Be sure to check out his Instagram at and read all of his poems.  The image above is from his sunset collection. Hope you enjoy!

Even though life sometimes drags, and even though life has dirty rags, we can count on friends to be there. My whole life I’ve been alone, in the shadows though danger prone. I’ve learned that joy comes through the dark, I’ve learned that the bite is worse than the bark. But in these times my strength is depleting, I can look to friends, for a happy feeling.

-Denham Free


Drawn Spring

She was a melodic song

What happened next was ever so wrong

Her notes twisted out of pitch

Falling as her song encountered a hitch


She fought to bring it back in place

But the notes fell without a trace

So lost, not knowing how to start again

Crushed, she failed to raise her pen

Tears that fell with endless weight

Fighting against what she thought was fate


Waking up to a hopeful sun

Imagining herself as anyone

Realizing that there is hope

Finding countless ways to cope


Relapse, start all over again

Wondering when she can just say amen

Alone and afraid

This is not the hope she portrayed

Wishing for love, or at least light

Everything in her feels drawn tight


Trying to grasp for anything

Feeling herself drawn like a spring

Wishing she could be free

Wishing she could be nobody


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So much negative energy

Reaching for someone I’ll never be


So much hope to rise up high

So much pain to lose the fight


Drowning in my own despair

Wishing someone could hear my prayer


Seeing light that never lived

This hope is all player’s kiss


Waking up, a smiling face

Keeping up with such fast pace


Trying to breathe in so much stress

losing sight of success


Living a life that is not mine

My entire being has resigned


No one knows that I am grieving,

No one knows I’ve quit believing


A shadow’s dove in robes of dark

Evil has made its mark


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Because I Care

A wilted flower

blowing in the fall breeze

Wishing that summer

could hold on just a little longer

But winter is practically here

And you wonder

Why I seem so determined

To escape

To be free

To be somewhere for a few minutes

Where I don’t care about anything

You criticize my methods of escape

But all I want when I go there

Is to not care anymore

Because I cared

and it was torn away from me

Like color from a flower

None of it was within my power

And the rain falls hard now

Tears in my eyes every day

as I look again hoping they will come back

Because I care

And I retreat to my safe place

where nothing matters

One by one the pedals leave

The harsh wind taking them away

Like time took my hope

There is no hope

I thought I could help

I reached out and tried

But like the sun

they let me down

they turned away

And they set down their crown

If only they’d wake up

At least try

they are so much more,

so much more than a lie

wake up

won’t they please

I need them to believe

and this flower is fading

like the seasons, so fast

With the last of my hope

I’m calling out

Because I care

And when I retreat

to my safe place

Don’t you dare tell me

That I shouldn’t go

This is the only place for me

That feels like home.


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Broken Sisters

You are my sister

You are a part of me

I can’t leave you

why are you pulling away

Do see my hand reach for you in despertality

Yet you look away

To them who you say

Is true love

What about me

You don’t understand this

I love you more than the stars

You are my sister

Even without blood

Turn your eyes to me

Do see these tears?

Why do break away from me?

Did I do something wrong?

I’m sorry I don’t agree

but I can’t

That does not mean I don’t love you

It means I love you more

I love you enough to say you’re wrong

and still love you even though

please stop running away from me

Stop shattering my soul

I still need you

I still love you

At least look me in the eye

and see the constant hurt

that lives inside

Because you are my sister

even though you’re not

and family will fight

and family will yell

but family will never, ever break

Don’t make us break



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A Fantasy

A kingdom bound by four strong walls

A heart of gold, but still not of love

But the story would end the day it falls

I was always there, watching from above


A prince who wished to be rid of the throne

A king who demanded he stay in line

townspeople wiser than any could have known

a servant girl dressed in cloths divine


The prince who lost his heart that day

A princess who wasn’t at all

A proposition anyway

A furious king at what would befall


A kingdom in two

War over land

The prince breaking through

The servant as queen, it was indeed grand


Flipping last page to the cover of back

Tears in your eyes

As you close it, at last

Wishing another page underlies


Knowing dreams always end

as do the stories

If only it wasn’t pretend

if only I could live their glories


Instead I am stuck in the wrong world

Living a life I never chose

Wishing I could just let my imagination unfurl

Wishing just once, I could say where the path goes.


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I’m thankful

but the thankful things suspend in the air

like insects in amber

The world says being thankful is good

But what is thankfulness when each thing is empty

I cannot carry such joy

when I know that my world will still crumble

So the list stays floating

Food and water

a comfortable bed with a roof over my head

A quiet place to be alone

An education

A talent to write

And a family and friends always in my sight

Yet I’m shattered and broken by an unseen force

It tore me apart never wavering its course

A day devoted to thankfulness

But the storm keeps raging

And I just keep wondering

Who gains from my loss?

And I heard a whisper

A call in the night

so quiet one would miss it

If they weren’t holding on to hope like a lifeline

It said to look up

And to find my thankfulness in the God above

not in what is in my sight

But oh, how hard it is

To stop looking around to find good things

and look up to their creator

So I keep reaching

I keep wondering that if only look to Him a bit more

Maybe, just maybe

He will give me something to be thankful for.


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