Never Enough

My heart still sees a glimpse of hope

but my mind knows it’s all a fool’s game

I want to believe that there is a chance

But my chances are higher for fame


I want to believe that you could love me

But I know that the light is dim

And my mind repeats again and again

Maybe if I just a little more slim

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Did you ever really love her?

Or was it all a ploy

‘Cause I’m starting now to wonder

if to you, she was a toy


I see the way you look at me

as if I was your queen

And I can’t help but think inside

of what your lips have seen


And the dull but true fact still remains

That yesterday she was yours

but now I see you look at me

It’s my fault her heart is torn


Perhaps I prompted a tad too much

and caused your heart astray

I ruined something beautiful

and that is not okay


But here’s the facts lain out to you

easy enough to see

You have not yet grown up enough

to know this thing called maturity


It takes years of time to finally get

what it means to love

and I know that you’re not ready yet

to put someone else above.



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I’ll Be Fine

What is it that you see in her

Is it her hair, or her eyes?

It’s making me insecure

I don’t think you’ve even thought

to listen for my cries.


Now I sit here in the background

A whisper in my ear

telling me I’m not good enough

Even to be near

You are blind to the pain I feel

Each day is a reflection of tear


How did I get here?

So deep, deep down

Do you even notice my plastered frown?

No, of course not

For by your side my smile is real

No you haven’t seen how much I really feel


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Forget Him

To the one who spent the night in tears

Because down on her came her worst fears

the day he turned his back on her

Right when she thought they were finally near


An ode to the girl in the ashes of life

I want to tell her that from those ashes she will rise

She’ll tell me she knows, but I see to her heart

This is the the beginning of her own self conscious strife


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Forgive Me Again

I find it crazy that the very things that bring me joy

they also bring me pain

I put my hopes in dreams into a friendship

I told you everything I have to say

Yet time still tore you away

The very friendship that made me breathe

Was the very same one that took my breath away

We grew up as best friends forever

How did that lead us to where we are now?

Did I come up short?

Was I not enough?

I wonder if you remember that first day of hurt

I asked you what you did that day

And you replied with, “Stuff”

I think I knew then that something was wrong

Why was I so stupid not to say something

I wonder what happened that lead us to now

When I walk though the halls and pass you by

And notice how you avoid meeting my gaze

I know now that this is not just a phase

and I wish that I’d done something different back then

I wish I could ask for forgiveness again



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Everyone around me says sit and look pretty

They tell me to shut up and stand still

I’m so tired of driving on streets in the city

The roads are busy and so few leave here


I’m so tired of being thrown to the side;

being told to listen to everyone else’s cry

But what about mine?

No one cares to stand by my side


And so it seems I’ve become a mere decoration

Meant for the short-lived joy of others

But this city street only leads to devastation

And my dreams are another word for the past


Decorations can’t talk

for they have not a voice

They just listen for the ticking of the clock

Wishing forever they could make their own choice


I want to say something

but the world shuts me down

It tells me I can never be my own king

And so I’m left upon these city streets


And as I stare down the road not taken

People will tell me not to go

But they are ever so mistaken

It is so much better than being a decoration.



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