We start with once-upon-a-time

But it seems this makes no sense

If we are once-upon-a-time

Are we not trapped in a fence?


If we start-upon-a-time

Then what’s happening right now?

We could be doing countless crimes

The world would never know


We could be riding clouds above

We could be running short

We could be falling deep in love

Or fighting over sports


Endless possibilities,

So many things we do

Endless liabilities

We wouldn’t know what’s true


We’ll never really know the truth

Of once-upon-today

And we’ll only pass on to the youth

The way we found our way


We start with once-upon-a-time

But this really makes to sense,

Since once-upon-a-time

Is already in past tense.


[Author’s Note]

Hey guys! Welcome to The Write Story! Thanks to my few followers already keeping up with what is going on in my humble little corner of the internet 😉 You guys have already made my day, and I hope to see more of your posts in the future. Please feel free to comment a poem of you own below or tell me what you think of this one. It is one I wrote a couple of months ago and I wanted to share it with you so I hope enjoy and have a great Thursday.


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