Wanting to Do

Why is it that the sun rises every day,

But it feels like I haven’t seen it for years?

I want to be happy,

I want to run with the horses and fly with the birds,

but I can’t even walk on my own two feet.

I want to travel the world, and know every single turn of the Earth,

But I can’t find my way out of the house.

Why is it that I have such big dreams,

But only a little corner of the world?

Why is it that every night I can look up and see the stars,

But it feels like I only ever see the darkness?

I want to look up and see a world of hope,

and ambition.

I want to see freedom.

But this world,

It looks down on me,

And it tells me I can’t.

I want to look up and see the moon look down on me proudly,

But I am blinded by the coldness of the world.

Why is the world so cold?



[Author’s Note]

Hey guys! How’s it going! First of all, Thank you so much to the few followers I already have. It means a ton that you want more of my writing and I love to see what you guys are up to on your own blogs! I wrote this poem today… I’m not completely sure where I got my inspiration, but I just felt something a little sadder today. Also, I am trying to decide what content to put on here more often and what to use less of. Right now there are a lot of poems, but I also enjoy short stories and pretty much any form of writing. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.