[Author’s Note]

Yes, normally I put the author’s note at the bottom, but today I’m switching it up. Also I left a kettle on the stove for two and a half hours today by accident so no promises on my writing today. I know it’s kinda short but it hasn’t exactly been the best of my days… Hope you enjoy it anyway!

I hate secrets. They come and go like a whisper, but a real secret, a heavy one, always leaves a path of pain and destruction. Secrets are like a cloud, sometimes pretty, until they gain enough strength to come in and destroy everything. Secrets are beautiful, because they show trust, but secrets are evil, because they also show distrust. To many secrets and you find yourself drowning in them. Secrets are important, but are to be used with caution for you never know when they will explode. Be careful of who you tell them to, but also be weary of who you don’t.