Friendship- a poem

Our friendship was a lullaby

A lovely flowing song

Dancing like a butterfly

We knew it would last long


But darkness took its hold on it

and you don’t seem to see

The monster here will just not quit

‘Till our we transforms to me


I tried to warn you once one day

You left me in the dust

I had to find another way

And that meant losing trust


Some might say I tattle-taled

Or maybe even lied

It seems perhaps I might have failed

And the gap between  the two of us

Is ever so far wide


So here I sit this lowly night

Tears brimming in my eyes

I wish that I could see the light

And someone hear my cries


[Author’s Note]   This is my first free written poem I ever wrote and is still on my top ten list. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I am suffering a bit of writers block right now, so if you have ever worked through writer’s block please leave a comment about how you beat it… also I love getting feedback so feel free to do so. Thanks again for all your support!