Oh, God I’m a sinner

God, I’m a sinner

I roam through the hills trying to fallow your command

And in your name I fail.

God I try to do what you ask

and I fall on my face begging you for mercy on my sinful soul.

Oh, God I am a sinner

And I won’t deny it anymore

I will accept that and I will pray

God please use me for your good

Your good that I could never match up to

Oh God your glory is higher

Higher than anything on this Earth

And I will look up to you

And be proud to be your child

Oh, God I’m a sinner

But you didn’t care

You brought me into your love

Like all my life I had followed you

Oh, God I’m a sinner

But you sacrificed yourself

Because you loved me anyway

I will fallow you

For all of my days

And in your name,

I am purified.


[Author’s Note] So sorry for the late post yesterday… I lost track of my days! This post is an early one because I have to get to church, and it was written today! I made myself write it although it was rather hard to come up with. Again if anyone has any advice on writer’s block I would be so grateful for it and please leave your feedback below as well. I hope you enjoyed it and happy Sunday!