Say a Prayer

God I pray to you tonight

A prayer to say I’m sorry

Because to matter how hard I try

To be your daughter

I always mess it up

And God, you alone know

That the person who puts the most pressure on me,

Is me.

I will never be enough

And I will never try hard enough

To deserve your love

But you give it to me anyway.

So these storms that rage in my life will not seem so big

Not when I have you.

God I will tell you over and over again

I am yours

But it is always short lived

So tonight let it be different

Let this prayer mean something

Because I’m tired of begging you to fix everything that is wrong

And forget to learn the lessons you are trying to teach me

I am tired of leaving you only to find that you alone

Are the way and the truth and the life.

God I’ll say a prayer tonight

Dear God,
I know I’ve messed up so many times
And I know you’ll forgive me
But today I am begging you
To show me who you want me to be
Cause I am blind,
And the only way I will ever see is through you
So help me,
Bring me to your love
And never let me go



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