Up is Not Down

You tell me I’m wrong.

That my faith is wrong.

I am trying my best to be what my God needs me to be,

Don’t tell I’m wrong.

My faith is not like yours

They are not comparable

You’re trying to compare up to down

We are in two very different places,

Don’t tell I’m wrong.

And when I come to you crying

Because I have been hurt

Trust me, I don’t need to be told how I messed up

I know that now.

I don’t need to be told what I should have done

I came to you crying

so you could hold me,

Not rebuke me

And the world says I have lots of problems.


Those terrible things that make us feel like we can’t breathe

But you tell me it’s a bump in the road.

Let me tell you this,

The darkness that looms around me threatening to swallow me whole,

It doesn’t feel like a bump in the road

Don’t try to compare my problems to yours

’cause your trying to compare up to down

Just please don’t tell me everything I’ve worked for is wrong.

Don’t tell me the way I worship my God,

The way I worship our God, Is wrong.

Because up is not down,

And you are not me.