Bloody Trees

I saw a tree with red speckles on its leaves like blood oozing through its leaves dripping the life out of it as fall began the turn to the death of winter. It made me remember when I was young and innocent; everything was either getting better, or waiting to get better.

It was a time when nothing ever got worse. Sure, it got colder as summer turned cold, but that meant snow was coming. And the rain meant we could splash in puddles rather than go to the park, but nothing could ever get worse.

We never knew what it was like to try to think of a way out knowing we could lose everything if we took one wrong step. That tree is all I can think of now. It was so very much like me.

The droplets of blood leak through the leaves like the stress and anxiety that veils over my life like a dark cloud. And the green part of the leaves that remains is all I can do to resist it before fall comes, letting everything crash into me and changing me into the person everyone needs me to be.

But the stress still remains.

I will wait till the sun shines bright again, and everything comes back into the messy focus that is my life. For now, I will hide behind my fear and hope that I will make it through until tomorrow. I will make it through tomarrow.


Hey guys! I actually did see a tree that fits this description (though it had smaller dots than the picture) and I thought it was super cool. I think this it is somewhere in between a poem and a journal sort of thing? I think it really fits with how I am feeling right now so i wrote it. Also I am considering a series  of short stories or something like that? I would love to know what you guys think of this idea so if you want to comment down below or hop over to the contact page to tell me privately that would be terrific! I love each and every one of you who takes time to enjoy my writing and wish every single one of you a great evening!