Little Problems in Books

I don’t know what to write so I’m just gonna babble on about whatever comes to mind. This is probably like the first thing you’re not suppose to do when you start a blog, but frankly I don’t care.

Have you guys ever had a headache that feels like your head is going to explode and you just want to go die in a hole because your head hurts so bad? That’s exactly what my head feels like right now.

Tylenol has failed me once in for all.

And the worst part is, I took it like three hours ago so I still have another three before I can take more. Oh the pain.

I feel so useless. In the books, characters can fight war after war and go on crazy adventures, but did any of them ever get a crippling headache that stopped the whole story? I didn’t think so.

Why can’t I just be a book character so I don’t have to get headaches.

Seriously though, Why do book characters never get minor problems. I want characters who have a bad haircut and feel super self conscious even though they are sitting in prison. I want characters with chronic migraines who worry about their father in a war on a daily basis.

Guys, I am so sorry. I know this is hardly a post but it’s all I have focus for right now. However, let me know if you like this post by smashing the like and I will consider doing more things similar to this (I kinda enjoyed it). Thank you so, so much for reading and I promise I will have a more complete post on Tuesday. Have a terrific evening always.