She Was a Storm

She was a storm.

Stubborn and strong

Unmoving, but on her own will.

And a terror when she hit


But yet gentle

Like the rain pattering on the roof

Calming as a single raindrop falling

And beautiful in her gentleness


her touch could calm you in a second

And her voice was smooth and relaxing

She cared for those who had less

Even as she had little.


But the world told her who to be

And the dark clouds won

Her lightning struck down

In revenge,


And the only person to blame?

It was a young girl,

Who thought she was helping

But instead she only hurt.


Her lightning broke through the clouds like a ripped seam

and exploded onto the Earth

And the girl streaked in terror at the storm

The storm she had created.


gentleness was replaced by self consciousness

And the rain pelted down like bullets

The wind whipped like leather

Lightening pierced like a sword



She didn’t know how to undo what she had done

And every time she tried to fix it,

She could feel the anger of the storm again

She wanted her back


She had transformed her friend and sister

Into an unforgiving storm

And she missed the days

When it was a gentle rain


She missed riding the wind

And dancing in the rain.

She wanted back her sister

and her friend.



Hey guys! I really like this one. The inspiration actually came from a storm that blew through overnight, and I started to wonder if it had a story what that might be (Which sounds really stupid, but my mind is an interesting place 😉 ) Anyway, I hope you guys like it and don’t forget to leave a comment on why. You’re feedback means everything to me!  I will be posting another one tomorrow for sure, and have a terrific Saturday!