Fighting for a Sunrise

This world puts so much pressure on us and the truth is,

I think the only way to get by is to be ourselves.

People tell us that what we’re coming into will be hard

I think they forget to realize that everything is hard

There will be days when waking up in the morning

and forcing yourself to run a comb through you hair

And lifting food to your mouth

Will be hard.

And I am so tired of waking up feeling tired

Before getting told that there is a lot of work to be done

To stop sitting around.

Did you ever consider that this is the very time

You told me it would be hard?

Cause right now, it’s hard.

And I don’t feel like waking up

I want to be hugged

I want to cry,

But I can’t because the tears are long time dried.

Replaced by this terrible numbness.

I don’t feel like standing to do work

You tell me I’m lazy.

I want to scream that it hurts to stand.

I want to scream that I’m still broken

I want to scream that you have no idea how bad it is.

How alone it is.

I made myself alone.

I have only one hope,

I have hope in the sunrise.

Hope that one day maybe I’ll wake up,

And someone will stand there

With their arms open wide and hold

While I cry out the numbness

I have hope that one day I’ll look over this world

And I will be able to say, “It is well.”

I want to walk across the hills

And brush the grass with my fingertips.

I want to be away in the pages of a book.

I want to smile at the thought that this is my story.

I want a sunrise that will take me away from my fears.

Today I am struggling to stand,

But I will fight for the sake of my sisters.

I will fight for the sake of those who will be caught in my spot.

I will fight for a sunrise

And for hope.

Today that means working through the pain

To do what it is you told me to do,

Then it means fighting for a future

And for a sunrise.