Give Me a Sunrise

Everyone deserves a sunrise

A new day

Everyone deserves hope for tomorrow

and a new chance.

Everyone deserves someone

who will look passed their flaws and see the man inside

Everyone deserves someone to love them

And I’m not talking about teenage, sappy, movie love.

I mean real love.

The choice to have passion for someone else above yourself.

Real love.

Everyone deserves love.

Not just the rich, or the kind, or the good

No, the sinner, and the broken-hearted


Everyone deserves a sunrise.

So everyday that you wake up,


Remember that you are loved

Whether you know it or not.

And decide who it is,

You are going to love today, tomorrow, and always.

Everyone deserves a sunrise.

At least give them that.



2 thoughts on “Give Me a Sunrise

  1. I like the idea of this poem, but I feel like it’s a little bit choppy. Maybe adding some more melodious words would help it, instead of it being so cut to the chase straight forward. It’s really good, that’s just my opinion. Really liking this blog-blog frog


    • I agree with you actually. The rhythm defiantly something I need to work on, along with the straight forwardness! Thanks for the feedback!


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