Tea and Coffee

Tea is a flower on a hill

With gentle rays of light shining through its petals.

Tea is strong hearted and brave

All the while providing a shoulder

To weep on.


Coffee is an eagle

Flying with the dawn

And soaring above the world

But also kind, to those who need help

And willing to take a stand


Tea and coffee,

Almost opposites, not quite

One is gentle the other bold

But both are good.

Both are kind.


Everyone needs a little bit of both

shouldn’t we be a little bit of both?

I think it’s time we start being bold and gentle

Not just one or the other

Let’s be stronger together.


Tea and coffee.

The strangest of strengths

yet the ones that no one ever masters

Tea and coffee

Opposites but not quite.



2 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee

  1. Hi! Nice poem! While I really like the last paragraph of it, I’m not quite sure I understand the whole poem. When you say that coffee is an eagle soaring above us, are you trying to say that coffee is like a thing that’s above us and is like really special? Is there a metaphor for tea and coffee that I’m just not getting? I’m just not sure what being bold and gentle has to do with tea and coffee. Can you explain? 🙂


    • Yes, I can see where you are confused. In using coffee and tea as a metaphor, I was pointing out the fact that most people like either coffee or tea, but not both, similar to the we often choose to be bold or gentle, but forget that people need both qualities. The other metaphors, (Referring to tea as a flower, and coffee as an eagle) were meant to convey a picture of gentleness and boldness before bringing the poem together in the last few paragraphs. Hopefully this clears things up for you and helps you understand the poem. Thanks for the feedback!


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