Like the Breeze

Like the dawn, you appeared

like a breeze you left me

It was you I should have feared

But like a monster, you hid it


Like a rose, I fell in love

like the cold, you killed it

You brought me up so far above

And like a sparrow, dropped me.


Like a fool, I trusted you

Like a player, you let me

I looked to you when I was blue

And like a breeze you left me


Like all things you have a name

like the waves, you warped it

you made me think that you were tame

and like time, you changed that


Like fear, you made me blind

like silence, made me still

Your name is hard to find

and like the night, you never spoke


Like good luck, your name is Happy

like pretty eyes, you lied

You told me Joy was simply sappy

then like the breeze you left me.







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