Wishing for Magic

I wish for a magic life

Because everything in this world is so, ordinary

I wish to be free

Free from the bars of boredom and time

and free from the normality of this world

I want to escape

And feel the breeze brush against my face

And live my own life.

I wish for a magic world

one that doesn’t make me feel

like every moment defines who I am

for the rest of my life

I want a place to go where no one will tell me I’m not enough

where the only person who decides what I do

is me.

I wish for magic

because I want anything but the life I have

I want love

and maybe if someone granted me just a touch of magic

then maybe, just maybe

I would truly be happy

I would be able to smile until my cheeks hurt

If only I had a just sprinkle of magic.


One thought on “Wishing for Magic

  1. I like the ideas in this one, however, I feel as if the ending could have been a little bit stronger. It didn’t really leave me satisfied, I feel like you could explore more with this subject. Really good stuff tho, relatable!


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