My Rose Ain’t Red

Roses are red

Violets are blue

My heart is full

Of love for you

But what if it’s not?

In this world there are so many roses

Everyone is too busy selling their hearts for half their worth

to realize they’re caught in an endless cycle

of roses are red.

Why can’t we just love each other

Even if we’re not perfect.

My rose is not red.

My rose is yellow or purple

Maybe even black.

My spikes are long, and I won’t hide that

But I will not sell my heart away so the world will love me

I don’t just want to look pretty in a vase with a few other roses

I’d rather lie broken on the ground

with my petals scattered by the wind

I’d rather someone find me then

And still love me

Not because I am a rose

But because I am me

Because I will not hide who I am

I would rather the world neglect me

For not being perfect

For not being roses are red

Because I’m not, and I would rather cry away my entire life

Than live someone else’s, for all of it

I would rather allow myself to be destroyed

than change myself to be loved

And I want to be loved

But not for being a red rose

I want to be loved

for being a spiky, black, broken rose.

And if such a rose exists that could love me

It will not be a red rose story

Because that’s not true

I will be something different

It will be love.

My rose ain’t red

Neither is yours

This might be love

Lets open new doors.




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