He Took Away My Rainbow

Hey guys! This poem is about a girl who had a boyfriend that was a player and left her behind (Which I hope as never happened to any of you!!). It uses the colors of the rainbow to help tell the story, but also symbolizes how quickly her life changes. I know it’s kind of confusing, but that’s just what I did with it. Anyway I hope you like it!

Red, a droplet of blood

rolling down her face

a painful tear

of hurt and regret


Orange, a broken sunrise

refreshing the pain

of yesterday

like an overly flowered grave


Yellow, a flower

laying dead in its vase

her hope and happiness

with it.


Green, the trees

restless in the wind

like her sleep

she is alone


Blue, the sky

happy and bright

yet it feels like

a sad song


Indigo, the night

hides in shadows

like him

a player all along


Violet, her heart

broken and alone

love, she thought

but wrong


Black, her life

tears in her eyes

as she realizes

he was everything