Sealed with Glue

I thought I could trust you until long after death

But you left me here, afraid and holding my breath

Don’t make me release these sobs without you by my side

Don’t make it the first time I have to tell you I’ve cried

Every time before now you have been there for me

Who do I go to if you choose to flee?

You don’t understand how much I have started to rely

And I plenty of answers if you ask me why

I know I’m not perfect, that I’m full of pride

That’s why I need you to be my guide

But you’re running away from me as a cry out these words

You know if we work together we could fly like birds

Please, understand that I messed up bad

But you are the person I go to when I am sad

I love you, dear friend, and I want you to know

I messed up, if you leave me forever, I will be overcome with woe.

It isn’t your fault and I know it’s not mine

But these fault lines between us, they break up our bind

If you can forgive me then I can for you

And we can start over, this time with glue.


One thought on “Sealed with Glue

  1. Love this one! Especially the rhyme scheme! Title is… interesting. I feel like it doesn’t really sum up what the poem is about. Just from the title, I thought it was going to be a happy poem about you and a friend always sticking together no matter what. Idk, I’m not that great at titles either.


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