Daydreams are what make us whole

They keep us motivated and happy

They open our eyes to every single goal

If only.

I want daydreams

real ones

Because the daydreams I have

are nightmares

The creatures of my mind

scenario after scenario

The same people

Each one someone I love

I don’t dream happy daydreams

My daydreams are the sort that make me want to scream

My dreams are biggest fears

Because that is where the worst things happen

The pain I feel from actually happened

Is dull compared to the daydreams of what might have been

These hot tears I hide by night

These are the ones I always fight

You don’t get it

I hurt all the time

The events that occurred in the real world

Burning pain.

But the dreams of everything else

Are worse

Sister dies a terrible way

Friends leave me and betray

Family crumbles

Mentors fall

There is nothing to look forward to

And when reality catches up

There is nothing to fill my cup

I am more afraid awake than asleep

When I sleep my dreams are innocent

When I wake my mind has all control

It knows every single goal


My biggest fears come true

And there is nothing I can do


such happy things

It’s almost like they are my king



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