I don’t want stage lights

if it means I have to go home and watch the news and do nothing about it

This world is so dark and if I was big and important

What makes me so special that I shouldn’t put up a fight

people tell us to follow our dreams wherever we see fit

But as I follow my dreams my conscience reminds me of lives in torment

And I look back, and see my footsteps, but now they look like caverns for others to cross

I wanna reach back and help them, but the voices in front of me tell me to stop

I feel my love for the people below me start to fade away

and as I climb the social ladder, I start thinking of the bottom as dross

I feel so alone. I don’t want to be on top

And weeks turn to months, I don’t think there’s any other way

The bridge seems bigger when you look over the edge

but more than that, the bridge seems bigger

When you see who lives beneath it

I didn’t just live that day, no, I made a pledge

I will now look to the needy, and I won’t be sold to the highest bidder

This life is so much more than going wherever the path is lit

For it is in darkness that you will find the strongest might

And those are the people who will never quit

Not just the person in the box office, who seems important

Those are the people who can put you into flight

they are kind and they will lead you where you are fit

If only we bothered to stand for the people who can’t



The Power of a Word

I knew I had power with each letter I formed

yet the extent, I have yet to discover

Every time I think I have found the end of its boundless use

I discover it has more yet to give

When I was young I saw their elegance

Yet still I am learning their power

and I do not know how far I must go until I run out

and every time I am sure I have run out of words to release

More are to come

I do not think anyone truly masters the use of their power

not really

words are like the wind, wild and free

Yet only as powerful as the world allows

We give so much power to the words we write

If one makes a mistake they are hard pressed to escape it

Words can make a life whole again, or ruin it

Never under-estimate the power of a word

They are strong things, yet they are weak

People will talk

they will stand on the highest of podiums

they will speak their souls

they will speak for the poor and the sick

But speaking never changed anything

Sometimes words only have power

if there is action behind them

Never over-estimate the power of a word



Lovely is the World

The rain releases itself into the air

And holds it’s breath as it falls

Down, down closer and closer to the ground

Where it is enveloped in green

Each droplet is accepted separate from the last

and every single one is accepted

The clouds smile down on the Earth

satisfied that their drops made the journey

And the sun hidden behind their blooming grey

sings a song to the rain

The creatures of the world go about

their lives, all-knowing of the harmony of the land

Trees beam as a bird lands on their branches

and two squirrels chase one another across limbs

The flowers hold the precious few droplets of rain

that are dropped at the precise time to land on their petals

the creatures of the land live with the forces around them

and look at their beauty with love

Yet the mortals look right passed it

and into the shadowy darkness of evil’s grasp

and the sky calls to them

“Please!” They say, see us for we see you

And the land loves the mortals

but the mortals forget the land

The oceans look to people with such affection

we can’t fathom it

Long ago, the Lord made the land for us to love

and the land loves us

It looks to us to protect it and care for it

yet we, all too human have forgotten what it means to love

And the rain releases itself into the air

and holds its breath as it falls

Down, down closer and closer to the ground

Not knowing where it will land

And the people go about their lives

unknowing of the beauty around them.

Mom, You Were Right

I wanted to be the other me

I wanted to be the one that was loved and, pretty, and smiling always

But the mirror is what started this endless daze

The mirror tells the truth and that’s what I see


Yet those tears felt so fake

and these walls didn’t seem right

was that all it took to up a fight?

Then why did I feel this endless dull ache


I wanted to be pretty

Like other girls in my class

Yet between me and them there was a clear wall of glass

And on the other side is a world full of pity


I hated that I’m different

I only wanted to be just like them

All the people called family, they said I’m a gem

Compared to the others, they’re words make no dent


If only I saw what the truth was before

When I look down on you up from above

I realize I should have focused on the people I love

You saw my beauty when I saw a boar


I know it’s too late but if I could go back

I’d hug you and thank you for seeing my soul

I’d never have let go of all of my goals

I’d never have let my life just go slack


One day when I see you and meet you again

I’ll tell you you’re right and I just never saw

My sparkle beyond just a couple of flaws

I’m sorry that it ended with such a dead-end.


But happy up here, I want you to know

When I see you in my room crying I want to cry to

I hate that my actions affected any of you

I’m sorry you never got to see me grow


I know I messed up bad, I realize that now

It isn’t your fault though, ’cause it was my choice

So right now be still, and listen to his voice

Cause Jesus is speaking, he’s making his vow


I chose to jump, and I know that it’s wrong

But he saved me anyway, and brought me up to home

But mom, without you this life had no written tome

And I’m sorry that I screwed up but I just wasn’t strong


Yet Jesus my savior came in no matter what

and mom, know that nothing you do can change it

With Jesus there is not a mold you must fit

With him there’s no line that shows who makes the cut


When I left you, I messed up so bad

But no matter what I would have done, he saved me, he did

It doesn’t really matter if your old or just a kid

Mom the only thing you have to do is give him your soul and be his comerade


I’m sorry, I wanted to be the other me

I wanted to be the one that was loved and, pretty, and smiling always

I got tired of being told my sadness was just a short phase

Forgive me, and when we meet again, I’ll tell you I’m not ashamed to be me

The Dark Fairy-tale in Me


Is my Once-Upon-A-Time

And I can’t get to my Happily Ever After

Because I am stuck in my Once-Upon-A-Dream


In this world full of nightmares I long for a Fairy-tale

And for Magic

But the only thing I create are Monsters

And my Once-Upon-A-Time

And my Happily Ever After

Were taken from me by these Nightmares that are my thoughts.


You made me think this world is cruel.

But sky tells me how wrong you are

It wasn’t I, but you, the fool.


You showed me evil from afar

Taught me to fear the shadow’s might

You made think this world is cruel


But I looked up and saw a star

A bit of hope, and calming light

It wasn’t I, but you, the fool


You showed me how this world can mar

You showed me how the world can fight

You made think this world is cruel


But I escaped your caging bar

And saw the world with different sight

It wasn’t I, but you, the fool


I’m sorry you can’t see past your scars

I’ll try not to look at you with spite

you made me think this world was cruel

It wasn’t I, but you, the fool.






From Me, to Stress

I can’t leave you

But you don’t know how much it hurts that

you scream at me to move

you scream at me to do it

I want to leave you behind

You practically control me

You tell me to hurry up

You tell me I’m almost out of time

You tell me I’m weak

And then when I start to cry

You put more pressure on me

enough, to stop

You tell me

I don’t deserve respect

I already know that

I’m sorry

I’m just not enough to help you

We could work together

But the problem is

I hate you

From Stress to Me,

(Read lines from bottom to top)



Photographer is unknown


He Took Away My Rainbow

Hey guys! This poem is about a girl who had a boyfriend that was a player and left her behind (Which I hope as never happened to any of you!!). It uses the colors of the rainbow to help tell the story, but also symbolizes how quickly her life changes. I know it’s kind of confusing, but that’s just what I did with it. Anyway I hope you like it!

Red, a droplet of blood

rolling down her face

a painful tear

of hurt and regret


Orange, a broken sunrise

refreshing the pain

of yesterday

like an overly flowered grave


Yellow, a flower

laying dead in its vase

her hope and happiness

with it.


Green, the trees

restless in the wind

like her sleep

she is alone


Blue, the sky

happy and bright

yet it feels like

a sad song


Indigo, the night

hides in shadows

like him

a player all along


Violet, her heart

broken and alone

love, she thought

but wrong


Black, her life

tears in her eyes

as she realizes

he was everything

My Rose Ain’t Red

Roses are red

Violets are blue

My heart is full

Of love for you

But what if it’s not?

In this world there are so many roses

Everyone is too busy selling their hearts for half their worth

to realize they’re caught in an endless cycle

of roses are red.

Why can’t we just love each other

Even if we’re not perfect.

My rose is not red.

My rose is yellow or purple

Maybe even black.

My spikes are long, and I won’t hide that

But I will not sell my heart away so the world will love me

I don’t just want to look pretty in a vase with a few other roses

I’d rather lie broken on the ground

with my petals scattered by the wind

I’d rather someone find me then

And still love me

Not because I am a rose

But because I am me

Because I will not hide who I am

I would rather the world neglect me

For not being perfect

For not being roses are red

Because I’m not, and I would rather cry away my entire life

Than live someone else’s, for all of it

I would rather allow myself to be destroyed

than change myself to be loved

And I want to be loved

But not for being a red rose

I want to be loved

for being a spiky, black, broken rose.

And if such a rose exists that could love me

It will not be a red rose story

Because that’s not true

I will be something different

It will be love.

My rose ain’t red

Neither is yours

This might be love

Lets open new doors.



Wishing for Magic

I wish for a magic life

Because everything in this world is so, ordinary

I wish to be free

Free from the bars of boredom and time

and free from the normality of this world

I want to escape

And feel the breeze brush against my face

And live my own life.

I wish for a magic world

one that doesn’t make me feel

like every moment defines who I am

for the rest of my life

I want a place to go where no one will tell me I’m not enough

where the only person who decides what I do

is me.

I wish for magic

because I want anything but the life I have

I want love

and maybe if someone granted me just a touch of magic

then maybe, just maybe

I would truly be happy

I would be able to smile until my cheeks hurt

If only I had a just sprinkle of magic.