Cabin in the Woods

Follow your heart

or so I was told

But it has brought me

to this place so cold

I never imagined I’d end up here

I thought my heart would lead me

to a cabin in the woods

by the side of a lake

near the meadow where the daffodils stoodRead More »



Maybe I’m just a lovesick fool

I’ve fallen for you

But you make me look forward to school

Yet you have no idea I wish it was us two


You are my dreams and my fantasies

You make me laugh and without you I cry

And most of all you make me feel free

Together there is no doubt we might flyRead More »

As Children

As children they held hands

side by side

They vowed in everything they would confide

A girl two months from the same grade

A boy grew up a million miles away

As friends they built a tree house,

played games without a ground

they hid only to be found

And the world said it’s not ok

for them to be “just friends” everyday

All they wanted to do was hid

or have everyone stop asking why

but the world was too relentless

it couldn’t settle for friendship at best

So as children their hands let go

as the world guided their flow

as children they grew older

as children they grew colder

hoping the other wanted it back

both missing the friendship they lacked.



Image By FreeImages